Conversational AI Platform


Description: Complete Conversational AI Platform that enables Business to launch Virtual Assistants.

Features: Low Code Platform for Creating Virtual Assistants (Multi Language). Easy enablement of Omnichannel Commerce. Prebuilt Integration with Major Ecommerce Store Providers (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce).  Omnichannel Integration – WhatsApp, Google My Business, Voice.

Components: Catalog Creation and Discovery. Simplified Store Creation and Presence. Integration with GMB (Google My Business). Omnichannel Commerce

Technology Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, Neo4J, MongoDB, Redis, NextJS

Current Status: Product Live. Operating in Build and Operate mode

Team Size: 5

Noteworthy Achievement: Enabled Major Customers in European Region through the Customer’s Platform. Solved Region Specific Problems through the Platform. Some videos of generic use cases that can be solved through are given in this link