Low Code, No Code?


Coding will be done by machines. Code can be written by anyone. Programmers will be replaced by machines. Everyone is too keen on playing the swansong for programmers. Meanwhile companies are laughing their way to the bank by swearing code can be taught while in the cradle and possibly in the womb itself.

Our tagline is ‘In Code, We Believe’ and as long as we know ‘Low Code, No Code’ will be driven by Code, we shall retain the tagline.

Here is a wonderful article from ThoughtWorks on how you should go about selecting a low code platform

Low code connoisseurship — choosing the right platform

Also, while we are at this, if technology is your life, you should subscribe to the Technology Radar from the fine folks at ThoughtWorks

Technical Debt

Respect working code’ is one of the tenets that was imbibed in us during our early programming days, a couple of decades back, till refactoring came and nailed it down for us or rather killed it for us!

Here is a good article from Ron Jeffries which we think holds good even now.

As in life, if you can avoid debt, technical or otherwise, you should avoid it.

Engineering Leadership

An interesting article about achieving the sweet spot between your team’s needs and your goals. Reading the article gives us the feeling that Engineering Leadership is applied common sense, easier said than found!

Building Products at Stripe

Read about how deep thinking, speed combined with user focus and user empathy is the basis of building products at stripe.

Some Fun

Here are some of the best 404 pages. We liked the slack one! Accepting there is an error, stating that they do not have an idea! and leaving a link to go further.

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